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The Planner School

Take the first class, Planning 101: The POWER PLAN System to develop your creative planning skills and learn at your own pace.  Planning 101 includes an introduction to The Happy Planner, ten lessons about decorative and functional planning and a bonus goal-setting lesson.

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Katie Shea

Katie Shea

Katie Shea is a very busy Executive Admin and mom who lives in beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida. She has over 20 years’ experience managing the daily schedules of executives and professionals in multiple industries.

Katie grew up on her family’s horse farm where she trained horses and taught horseback riding. She developed a program to educate riders and horses through their training using creative plans, journals and strategy.

Katie found The Happy Planner when searching for a new planner or app in 2016, and she decided to give it a try. She was soon exploring multiple planners while creating a planning system that is both fun and productive. She then launched The Planner Channel on YouTube and The Planner School on Teachable to share her decorative and functional planning system, The POWER PLAN System.


The Benefits of Planning

 You’re super-busy.  There’s not enough time in the day to get it all done.  You have big plans for your life, but all the little things seem to get in the way.  You want to get it together.  You need a plan to get organized so you can focus on what matters most.   Let’s make it happen!

save time

Get it together!  Gain control over your time and energy.  Live your life with purpose and intent.

achieve goals

Make daily progress on your big goals to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Get organized

Wake up with a plan in place to make your day go smoothly.

Plan for success.

There are only a few simple steps necessary to create a plan for your life that will align all of your priorities and give you a path to run on.  The easy part is creating a plan, the difficult part is doing it!  Schedule a free consultation to learn how you can save time implementing your plan and developing the daily habits you need to make it happen.


You have to know where you want to go before you leave.  You won’t accidentally get there.  Write your bucket list of everything you want and create a vision for your life.



Clarify your top priorities and choose one goal to work on first.



Do a time audit and find out where all your hours are going.  Design a daily routine and weekly schedule focusing on your priorities and goals in order of importance. 


Use your planner! It will help you to develop good daily habits. Track your progress and reflect on what you’ve done to make improvements. Plans change. Be prepared, be flexible, have a backup plan ready for when life happens.


What are the keys to success?  1. Use the Power Plan Checklist.  2. Develop purposeful daily habits. 3. Get advice from experts.  4. When it’s difficult, do it anyway.  5. If you don’t know, learn.


“The formula for success is… a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

Jim Rohn