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Planning 101: Planner Basics

Start planning.

First, choose a planner.  There are many planners to choose from with several layout styles: vertical, horizontal, weekly, monthly, hourly or daily.  There are also many beautiful brands and sizes to choose from.  The Happy Planner is available in three sizes: mini, classic, and big.  Choose one that catches your eye and try it out!

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Planning 202: Social Media

Join the Planner Community.

Once you have a planner, you will want to put something in it, right?  But where do you start?  Join us on social media!  There is a huge community of planners on all the major social media platforms providing content to inspire your decorating and embellishment.  Remember, there are no rules when it comes to decorating, so have fun!

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Advanced Planning: multiple planners

Use a System.

Your planner is a calendar.  The days, weeks, months and years on the calendar represent actual time in your life.  Therefore, your planner is your life.  If you (1.) decide to first create your life by creating a plan, then (2.) take action on your plan, then (3.) record and reflect on the tasks you have completed, you can better control your time and your results.  The easy part is in deciding what you want to put in your day.  The difficult part is in doing what you have planned.  The one thing that makes each day flow more smoothly is to create daily habits that support your goals.  To develop a daily habit, select a planner to use for tracking a single habit.  Here are some daily habits you can track: exercise/fitness, meals/meal planning, gratitude, journaling, writing/morning pages, morning routine, faith.

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“The formula for success is… a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

Jim Rohn