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The Happy Planner Fun Florals and Happy Quotes stickers Plan with Me | Plan with me with The Happy Planner Fun Florals 30 sheet Sticker Book, Happy Quotes Sticker Book and Boss Babe Sticker Book in The Happy Planner Geo Dreams neutral classic size planner for the week of March 11, 2019. The pink washi is from the “mermaid” Happy Planner washi pack.

Here’s my five step process of how to decorate your planner and/or how to decorate a Happy Planner :

1. Choose your theme

2. Washi

3. Box Stickers

4. Bullet points and checklists

5. Decorative Stickers

Have you found your new Happy Planner stickers, planners and accessories in-store or are you going to order from MAMBI on Friday?