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The Happy Planner GLAM GIRL stickers Plan with Me vertical weekly layout in the Rongrong Happy Planner. The NEW Glam Girl will be launching soon this fall for 2020, but until then, let’s enjoy our Glam Girl 30-sheet value pack sticker books in classic and mini along with the Glam Girl Accessory Book and decorate our Rongrong planner in lavender. Are you ordering your new 2020 Happy Planner and accessories online or trying your luck by shopping in stores? 2020 Happy Planners will be available in the following stores soon: Michael’s, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Staples, and Walmart. The NEW 2020 Glam Girl will be in Michael’s, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and!

Are you excited for the 2020 Glam Girl!?!