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Do you have too many planners? Let’s build a FRANKENPLANNER with six classic size planners from The Happy Planner so we can try out some new layouts! Garden Blooms hourly vertical layout in floral, Geo Dreams classic vertical layout in neutral, Paint Splash dashboard layout, Empowering Woman lined vertical layout, and Rongrong classic vertical layout are added to the Socialite Happy Planner Girl. This is my solution for using multiple Happy Planners and extra planners. This will also help to try out all the different layouts and choose a favorite for my Happy Planner setup for the year 2020… wow!

All planners that are still available will be on the MAMBI shop (

Garden Blooms can be found at Michaels.

Geo Dreams and Empowered woman will likely be difficult to find since they are 2019 planners, but you can check JoAnn in the clearance section.

Paint Splash is available at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s (two different covers)

Rongrong planners can be found at JoAnn.

Socialite is most likely sold out!

Shop on AMAZON Paint Splash Planner: 

Garden Blooms Planner:

Which planner layout “plan with me” are most you looking forward to seeing? The dashboard layout? The hourly layout? The Rongrong Christmas layouts? Leave a comment!